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Sonora wheat, an historic local wheat variety, is being grown again by California farmers. Come, see Sonora wheat and taste whole Sonora wheat bread as it was made in 1849, from stone-milled fl our. The extra steps of mashing and making a sponge will be demonstrated for this old-fashioned barm sweet-sourdough bread method. Soft Sonora wheat can be made into beautiful cohesive dough, and then into ciabatta and pocket buns. Barm is the old English word for a sweet-sourdough starter. Both the sweet-sourdough starter and the word barm are worth bringing to light again after 130 years of neglect. Take home barm stock and recipes.
Monica founded the Whole Grain Connection in 2000 to supply old-fashioned locally appropriate wheat seed to California organic farmers via a catalog and website. Now farmers can supply local whole grain bakers. Common Ground carries this wheat in bulk.

To register call 650-493-6072 or http://goldminerswheatandbread.eventbrite.com/

Official Website: http://goldminerswheatandbread.eventbrite.com/

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