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Damjan Vujnovic will teach this course, 2 day Test Driven Development workshop, authored by Gojko Adzic.

This course enables you to experience and learn test driven development by doing it. You will be immersed in a realistic TDD project, allowing you to learn the practices and principles of test driven development and try them out in practice. Through facilitated exercises and discussion, you will experience two days of working on an agile test-driven team. You will use and learn basic Test Driven Development practices including unit testing, refactoring and related agile practices such as continuous integration and pair programming. You will understand the reasons behind TDD and experience its benefits first-hand.

By applying what you learn, you will be able to build quality into software from the start, design and develop systems fit for purpose and write code that is easy to maintain and evolve in the future.

The is a completely hands-on workshop with coding straight from the start, interrupted by very short presentations to explain the practices and put things into a wider perspective. It is based on the very latest tools, current knowledge and ideas from the community.


* Design and develop software driven by tests
* Protect software from unwanted changes using regression tests
* Evolve software design with refactoring and TDD
* Recognise smells in the code and clean them up
* Capture requirements and specifications as acceptance tests
* Use executable specifications to drive development
* Continuously integrate software to get quick feedback about changes
* Apply best practices and avoid pitfalls of unit and acceptance testing
* Use MBUnit, Gallio and Moq (.NET/C# developers) or JUnit and Mockito(Java developers)

Day 1

* Introduction to TDD
* Unit testing basics
* Using TDD with MBUnit (for .NET/C# developers) or JUnit (for Java developers)to explore and design software
* Continuous integration and detecting change
* Writing efficient unit tests

Day 2

* Best practices and pitfalls of unit testing
* Applying mock and stub objects with Moq (for .NET/C# developers) or Mockito (for Java developers) to isolate tests
* Identifying code smells and improving the code with refactoring

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