1329 Huahai Lu (near hengshan lu)
Shanghai, Shanghai

Get Physical Music co-founders M.A.N.D.Y. launch the holiday party week on this very special Godskitchen Christmas complete with bonbon and GK prizes and gifts as well as some brand new GK surprises.

The Get Physical story begins on a tennis court in Saarbrücken, that's where Patrick Bodmer met Philipp Jung twenty years ago. The first official M.A.N.D.Y. release, a remix of French electronic band Galleon, was chosen as the official German single and went stratospheric sales charts. Since the creation of the label, M.A.N.D.Y. have come into their own as artists and DJs. Their natural easy friendship allowed their skills to gradually flourish and their heartfelt excitement for what they do ignites every floor. Mixing the first Get Physical label compilation in 2004 sent their sound beyond Europe and they’re sought after remixers working with artists as diverse as The Knife, Seelenluft, the Sugababes, Hans Peter Lindstrom and Fisherspooner. And though they travel the world they treasure the family vibe that supports them in Berlin. For M.A.N.D.Y. this isn’t a job and isn’t about success. It’s about partnership and friendship and a realisation that dreams can come true.

20年前,在一个网球场偶遇的Patrick Bodmer和Philipp Jung,相互成为重要的知己和音乐拍档。他们崇尚自由无忧的人生,共同的音乐理想令他们一拍即合。2001年他们正式推出了第一张融合法国电音风格的专辑,在德国一经推出立刻荣登当地音乐排行榜。但是Mandy坚持自我风格,极少走商业路线,之后成立了自己的音乐厂牌Get Physical,旨在推崇自我风格的音乐精神。很快Mandy在欧洲大陆风靡一时,目前他 们正在积极与知名音乐人The Knife, Seelenluft, the Sugababes, Hans Peter Lindstrom,Fisherspooner等合作混音。Mandy这个名号更多的是代表着深厚的友情,梦想的实现,每每进入他们的音乐舞池都有所震撼。

Male 150RMB Female 150RMB After 2am 80RMB; OPENBAR 8:30pm-4:00am.

Official Website: http://www.clubbonbon.com

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