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Gideon and Jeremiah first met at Christ Our Leader College when they were paired as freshman roommates. Through a shared love of music, non-contact athletics and different cultures, they became fast friends and spent four close years together. Though school was important to them, they spent most of their time strummin' and singin'.

After graduation, Jeremiah and Gideon moved into a small apartment and committed themselves to "making it" as a musical duo. They tried several acts with varying degrees of success, from "Community Unity" (their socially-inclusive acoustic duo) to "Conservation Conversation" (their eco-friendly two-man drumming circle). Still, it wasn't until local Pastor Elaine Lyndale heard them "jamming" at a local coffee shop and invited them to perform "Special Music" for the congregation the next Sunday that God's Pottery began to take shape.

Their first song was entitled, simply, "Jesus." After an overwhelmingly positive response, Jeremiah and Gideon returned the next Sunday with a follow-up tune, "Jesus Jesus." The next week, they played "Jesus Jesus Jesus." As the crowds swelled and word started to spread, it became clear to the boys that they were on to something big.

But they needed a name! "Jeremiah and Gideon's Religious Musical Project (JaGReMP)" was just too clumsy. It was then that their friend Kimmy Gatewood changed both their lives. "Why don't you call yourselves God's Pottery?" she said one day over soft drinks. "I mean, aren't we all just pieces of God's Pottery?" The boys knew they couldn't top that one! The name stuck. The group was born.

Now, two years later, God's Pottery is on the Interweb. It's scary stuff for two boys from the Midwest, but they're ready to ride this "Information Super-Expressway" straight to the gates of Heaven. Glad you found the on-ramp!

Official Website: http://www.stgpresents.org/artists/?artist=1089

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