1924 Cedar (at Bonita)
Berkeley, California

Professional comedian Ira Brightman's humanistic, adult, very funny, intriguing solo show. Recently showcased to great acclaim at The Marsh Theater in San Francisco. God on the universe, Hitler on the nature of evil, Ira Brightman on aging and life-extension. See how they all fit together. Audience discussion and socializing follows. All seats $10. Pay at door. Reservations not necessary, but appreciated. To reserve or for more info: [email protected]

Be entertained and challenged. Take part in a deep discussion (or just listen). Meet interesting, open-minded, thinking people.

Reknowned poet HD Moe: "Ira Brightman, a comedian in
the outlandish untradition of Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl,
& other show & Noh show stoppers has created a deep
darkly funny one man drama called GOD, HITLER, AND
LIFE-EXTENSION (I've experienced this theatre show
with tears of laughter running into my ears)."

Kirea: "I enjoyed the nice dose of uncensored

Ellen Druri: "Cohesive and excellent on so many
important concerns. You are a gifted interpreter of
the many people you represent."

Ralph Dranow: "Interesting, clever, profound at times. Very skillfully done."

Comedian Amir Malekpour: "Great job Ira. I really
enjoyed it. In particular your original opinions and
ending and relating the conclusion to the life cycle.
Thanks for the invite."

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