20 Greene Street
New York City, New York

@ 8.30PM
Go: Organic Orchestra is a 25 - 30 piece ensemble consisting of Woodwind players (flutes, clarinets (B flat, Bass and alto), bansuri flute, bassoon, oboe, and bamboo flutes) string players and hand drummers / percussionists (udu drums, congas, drum kit, djembes, riq, frame drums, tabla, dumbek, bata, gongs). The Orchestra is made up of many of Los Angeles’ leading performers, from both “jazz” and “classical” backgrounds as well as young developing musicians. Guest performers have included Yusef Lateef, percussionist Big Black, poet Saul Williams, singer Dwight Tribble and flautist James Newton.

“The music of Go: Organic Orchestra is inspired by observing and reflecting upon elements and qualities of Nature. The invention of the notation/conducting system grew from my ongoing desire to experiment with new creative processes. In concert, the conducting is performed in service of the moment; that is, listening and imagination inform the unfolding of musical gestures. The musicians are called upon to bring forth their ideas and experiences.


Official Website: http://www.roulette.org/events/2006_12.html

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