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Seattle, Washington 98121

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From the website:

Who? Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Tech Enthusiasts!
What? A confluence of leading bloggers and new media!
When? This summer, June 29 - July 1, 2006!
Where? Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, Washington!
How? Tickets will be available for only $499 apiece!
Why? Because all things are possible!

Attendees will get...

A full conference pass
Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages (unlimited)
Wi-Fi, professionally managed (two T1s)
Their own electrical outlet for power
The official Gnomedex t-shirt
A single-track conference with quality content
Business networking opportunities
Free online promotion in the Gnomedex Blogroll
...and more!

What is Gnomedex...

Business Models Brought to Life
The People Aggregator
A tap into the Conversation Economy
Movers, Shakers, & Deal Makers
Thought Leaders, Industry Influencers, Entrepreneurs
Continuous online conversation and PR
The most affordable conference of its kind
Important for new, existing company strategies
Essential for the success of Internet businesses
An annual conference that sells out early

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really looking forward to this one...


Updates, including discussion leader announcements, at http://www.gnomedex.com/updates/


totaly unconference format this time around. I'm now accepting bids for my extra main-hall ticket (the friend I bought it for can't make it) - both $ (going price seems to be $500+ now) and coolness are factors. Since this event listing predates the Event URL feature, here's linky goodness (to borrow a Daily Kos phrase).


Be sure to visit the Yahoo! Lounge and chat with Yahoo! Publisher Network peeps.


Should be interesting with John Edwards there - want to see if he can keep it real


$500 'unconference' - a little oxymoronic, no? What if I provide my own food, skip the schwag, ixnay the networking and blogroll plus - can I get a reduced rate for the part where the people, you know, actually speak... or is that not the point of these things anymore?

If Microsoft and Yahoo (et al) are sponsoring this, why are tix still $500? Must be some kinda of amazing T1 connection - or is it the stunning electrical power outlet attendees get?

No slight against Chris. Just frustrated because there's only so many conferences people can afford to go to - so guess I'll let those who can afford it go to this one...


"What if I provide my own food, skip the schwag, ixnay the networking and blogroll plus..." They have that, it's called streaming.


Sunday morning after Gnomedex, Shannon Clark and Chris Heuer will be hosting a MeshWalk to discuss what we learned, what actions we are going to take as a result and how we can help one another. More details and RSVP on Wiki - http://tinyurl.com/onxfj


As a link: MeshWalk


w00t, gnomedex here we come! :)


themshow, streaming is NOT a conference... streaming is usuallya clunky video that doesn't stream at the right speeds. That's not a conference. I'm talking about attending a conference for the content, NOT for the sponsors, NOT for the who's who - I mean attending to learn and understand. I think that's getting lost here.

Some of us do not have the money to attend, so unconferences appeal because it lets those of us who can't afford to go attend to hear things. I'm sorry, but Yahoo and Microsoft sponsoring should surely mean that there's gotta be something lower than $500 bux to attend. It ceases to be an unconference if it's a conference rate - and if Micro$oft is sponsoring, if you think about it.