24 Kensington Street
Brighton, England BN1 4AJ

Crush and Agency Rush have joined forces with Studio Output and Nick Clement to host the first Glug Brighton on Friday 13th November.
We have found a great venue bang in the centre of the North Laines
which is The Basement and has space for guest speakers, live art and DJs.

We are going to be charging £3.00 entry fee through our Meetup group. Please note – you need to register to guarantee your name on the door – and it’s one of those “if your names not down you’re not coming in” events so please make sure you register.

Here’s what to expect:


Anthony Burrill
Will talk about what he’s been up to this year, including exhibitions in London, Paris, Los Angeles and Lisbon, work with fashion designer Jenny Packham and French electro band Acid Washed.

Peter James Field
Will be speaking about his current personal project, Numbers, “which ranks hundreds of famous and/or notorious people into a series of idiosyncratic, often quite nutty, numerical lists….” you need to see this it’s fascinating!

Colin Jenkinson from Cog App
Switch it off & Turn me On: The simple pencil is now an endangered species, so what happens when we turn off Google and start with a doodle? In an informal exploration of analogue design, Colin discusses the process of cutting back and how falling in love with pencils could help us play with pixels again.

Jason Hocking
CC-Lab will talk about an emerging model of creating content for the music industry, with examples of an ongoing series of work for the Prodigy, including music videos and viral snapshots chronicling the eye popping live performances, promotional duties and backstage antics as the band tour their hit album around the world.


Studio Tonne
Paul talks us through some of his recent digital creations and will be performing using his graphic sound toys.

Paul Burgess and Harry K
On the wheels of steel dropping everything from The Slits to Crystal Castles


Brighton Based Digital Production Agency Kanoti has collated a selection of kick-ass animations, with shorts made by the following talented folk… It promises to be a mind-blowing compilation of cutting-edge, frightening and exciting digital story-telling by the best in town. Honest.

Crush http://www.crushed.co.uk.
Kanoti http://www.kanoti.com.
Birta Thrastardottir http://www.eggnogg.org.uk.
Belle Mellor http://bellemellor.com
Trevor Hardy http://www.foolhardyfilms.com/
Garth and Ginny http://www.garthandginny.com/
Cyriak http://www.cyriak.co.uk/
Treat Studio http://treatstudios.blogspot.com/
Artillery http://www.artillery-design.tv/
Modern Toss http://www.moderntoss.com/
Chris Packer http://www.kanoti.com
Bonny Cummins: http://www.bonnycummins.com/
Tokyo Plastic http://www.tokyoplastic.com/start.swf
Tom Jackson http://www.stringmouse.com
Matt Lyver Dan Woodger


We have some great live art taking place and the theme of course will be Friday the 13th.
The talented artists confirmed so far are:

Pinky: http://www.pinkyvision.com/
Pomme Chan: http://pommepomme.com/news/
Holly Wales: http://www.eatjapanesefood.co.uk/
David Callow: http://www.davidcallow.co.uk/

Hope to see you there! Cheers Carl

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rosie shorter

Tickets must be brought to guarantee a place on the guestlist, please visit here - http://www.meetup.com/glugbrighton