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The idea that "the web is the platform" is now widely accepted among tech entrepreneurs. But even with the web as a common platform, we still find ourselves in the same "stovepipe" problem. What was the proliferation of separate enterprise application stovepipes of information, process and workflow that led to the growth of "enterprise application integration" in the late 90s, is now the explosion of web-based applications that will demand similar levels of web integration.

Glue is the only conference devoted solely to this new problem facing enterprise architects, developers and integrators. At Glue, we'll explore the new technologies that are forming to solve the web application integration problem-set. Things like:

Enterprise Glue: A "web oriented architecture" and beyond SOA

Data Glue: Mash-ups, mash-ups and more mash-ups

Social Network Glue: The movement toward cross-network interoperability and data sharing

Interface Glue: Cross-platform, cross-browser technologies like Silverlight and Adobe Air

Messaging Glue: Tools that are evolving for meta-messaging

Identity Glue: Reputation, user-centric identity and web sso

OS Glue: Cross-operating system runtimes

Marketing Glue: The abstraction of the management of ad platforms into a common interface

Infrastructure Glue: Cloud and Utility computing that binds back-end services

Glue is about all of the bits and pieces, APIs and meta-data, standards and connectors that will help us to glue together the varying applications of the new platform.

Added by norlin.eric on March 4, 2009