2299 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, California 94720

UC Berkeley is mobilizing its students, staff, faculty, administration and the local community to participate in this educational and interactive forum to put the spotlight on institutional, community and individual action on climate change. The UC Berkeley Focus the Nation team will invite local, state and federal political leaders and decision-makers to come to campus and participate in a non-partisan, round-table discussion of global warming. Student leaders are preparing breakout sessions to discuss all aspects of climate change and its connection with environmental sustainability at a policy and action level. This event will disseminate a unified message - “It affects us.” The outcome will be an even stronger commitment to local, regional and global action to respond to the message.

(if any organizer of this event comes across this posting and wants me to change anything, just let me know)

Official Website: http://bie.berkeley.edu/ftn

Added by natR on January 9, 2008