5200 NE Elam Young Parkway,
Portland, Oregon 97124

The event is on again after some climate obstacles in december. Please RSVP again at http://dn.dnweb.net/Tbird

Global Technology Trends
Offshore Development Strategies and Global Tech Marketing

A speaker and networking gathering by The Thunderbird Alumni Network (TAN) Portland Chapter

The global high-tech sector has gone through a series of profound changes in the past couple of decades
(Internet revolution, rise of new technology hubs in Asia, offshore development, and clean tech revolution
starting now). This event brings together three consummate technology executives with a professional audience
to explore the future of technology in Oregon and beyond.
After presentations and open discussion, please join us down the road at the McMenamins Cornelius
Roadhouse to share a drink and network with our presenters and participants.

Ananthan Thandri – Vice President & CIO, Mentor Graphics - http://www.mentor.com/
on global outsourcing strategies: outlook and challenges in a changing global economic landscape.

Hugh Heinsohn – Senior Associate, PriceGain AB – http://www.pricegain.com
on pricing technology products for international markets.

Steve Kemper – Web Strategist, ISITE Design - http://www.isitedesign.com/
on Balancing Global Initiatives with Regional Creativity in Technology Marketing

Wednesday December 17th 2008:

from 6:00pm to 7:00PM at the HF3-Auditorium on Intel’s Campus, 5200 NE Elam Young Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124

from 7:00PM to 8:00PM at Imbrie Hall in McMenamins’ Cornelius Roadhouse, 4045 N.W. Cornelius Pass Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124 (2 miles from Intel)

RSVP mandatory at http://dn.dnweb.net/Tbird
Questions/Contact : Dan Nicollet, Portland TAN Chapter - +1-503-616-4007

Official Website: http://dn.dnweb.net/Tbird

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