Global Mobile: Tools for companies on the world stage

With the huge growth of overseas markets and resources, mobile start-ups need to shift away from a "local" only focus and go "global." Global means that these companies need to possess the right combination of management capabilities, innovation, market savvy, infrastructure and an overseas footprint to compete on a worldwide scale. In today's competitive mobile markets, what are the challenges facing mobile start-ups to compete on the global stage? What go-to-market strategies and operational capabilities must they have in place to succeed? What are the tools and technologies which help companies to globally expand?

DeviceAnywhere not only has a variety of customers around the world, but they also provide tools for other mobile companies to locally develop and test mobile applications across hundreds of handsets across live networks around the world. Faraz Syed, CEO & Co-founder of DeviceAnywhere, will share his experience of expanding his company globally, while helping other companies also go global.

Presenter: Faraz Syed, CEO & Co-Founder, Device Anywhere

Moderator: Ashok Narasimhan, CEO & Founder, Cinch (Founding CEO, Wipro IT)


* Connie Wong, CEO & Founder, Vidiator Technology, President, Hutchison Whampoa Americas

* Kevin Leong, CEO & Founder, MoBlast

* Cyriac Roeding, EIR at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers


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