2522 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Gleamd.com is finished building the new site - so it's time to party. Will show off the new site next week, after the hangover.

We'll get there at 6 for drinks -- DRINKS ARE ON US!

Come over and we'll sit down for some snacks around 7...

Official Website: http://www.gleamd.com/party.html

Added by chesspark on August 17, 2007


irina slutsky

hey, these are the florida geek boys who volunteered to sponsor our new awards and built the hold page for teh winnies during jonny goldstein's show! http://youarethewinner.org/




Wish I could be there. If only it were a week later. I'm flying from Blighty to San Fran the following week for holiday.


Im coming, but is everyone ready for that?


there be where?


Medjool Sky Terrace. Very nice. A chance to see my people.

We luv Videobloggers and Geeks and all the cool pholks...

irina slutsky

btw, patrick also makes http://chesspark.com


matthewmcinerney the driving force behind Gleamd is in from Massachusetts and South Carolina, and MetaJack Moffitt the driving force behind Chesspark (who used to be from here back in the Green Witch Internet Radio days) is in from Albuquerque. Also from the Xiph Foundation, creators of Icecast, Vorbis, FLAC, Theora, and more, and the Jabber Foundation. Add the Florida crew, mix with Bay Area locals, and watch the chemical reaction.

Can't wait. :-)