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In this workshop you will learn how to use Git from the most basic commands to some of the most advanced techniques. We will do a series of lecture style presentations, followed by hands on examples so you really get comfortable using this powerful tool. It is being taught by professional developers of two very popular Git hosting sites, who are available for questions and personal help the entire day. If you ever want to learn Git, this is the day.

Who should attend?

Developers of all shapes and flavors will benefit from this workshop. Whether you are a team lead in a company considering or actively switching to Git, a freelancer who wants to work with version control more productively, or an open source developer who wants to contribute to any of the hundreds of popular open source projects that have switched to Git recently - this workshop is for you.

Who's presenting?

Scott Chacon from GitHub
Scott is a Git evangelist and Ruby developer employed at Logical Awesome working on GitHub.com. He is the author of the Git Internals Peepcode PDF as well as the maintainer of the Git homepage and the Git Community Book. Scott has presented at RailsConf, RubyConf, Google and a number of local groups and has done corporate training on Git across the country.

Charlie Smurthwaite from Codebase
Charlie is a systems engineer and Ruby developer employed at aTech Media, working heavily with the backend of codebase's git repository service - including server management, scalability and security. Charlie also works with Radar and other client projects at aTech.

Full details can be found on the official website at www.gitlondon.com

Official Website: http://gitlondon.com

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