2565 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Three of San Francisco's finest emerging female songwriters will command the stage at 12 Galaxies on August 11th. It's a night of girls, Girls, GIRLS! featuring the lush symphonic electronica of Artemis, the fiery psychedelic rock of The New Up, and the raw, danceable trip-hop-rock of ZONK. These bands vary in their sound and style, covering a wide span of genres between them, yet are connected in their ability to craft strong original material and create a dramatic and electrifying live show.

Doors 8:00PM :: Music 9:00PM
Tickets $8 :: Ages 21+
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more info. on Zonk:

After their 2004 breakthrough with Our Five Worst Songs grabbed them opening slots nationwide for diverse acts like De La Soul, Concrete Blonde, and Lady Kier of Deee-Lite and worldwide recognition through Konami's Dance Dance Revolution, ZONK's latest release, Half Human, has them set to join forces with the B-52's in the midst of their West Coast tour schedule. It's fittingly eclectic company for a band composed of Motown-rooted songstress Nic McFiendish, video game designer-cum-electronic artist Dave L., space-funk harmonica and bass (at the same time!) player Uncle Bergie, and old school turntablist/rapper Walt Dizzle (DJ Red 5). As Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano puts it, "ZONK.... hmmm... fresh from some other planet. We love 'em." Turns out, that other planet is San Francisco.