The Argus Building, 30 Kensington Street
Brighton, England BN1 4AJ

This is taking the concept of Brighton Girl Geek Dinners to a relaxed and informal lunch event.

Show up, meet other girl geeks, relax, bring your kids, have a drink or a full blown lunch. Note - no designated speakers or free food - unless someone wants to donate :)

Guys are welcome.

Register your attendance here.

Added by rosiesherry on May 18, 2007



Sounds like a great idea, wish i could come!!!


sounds lovely - I'll bring mini-me if it's somewhere i can pop along to.


I'll be looking for somewhere central and child/buggy friendly, ideas welcome.


Shame, I don't think I can join you all for this one. Great idea!


Looking forward to meeting you all if I can make it. Was looking out for you last Friday Rosie but on again next month. Back to you all with a date when I find my diary! A very energetic group of Self Employed Super Mums it was to be sure. Would love another geek girl to come along though as they are still scratching their heads a little when I talk about the joys of my blogging course (end Sept at Varndean College. Mmmm).


If it's going to be a large group, you may want to book a table somewhere like Carluccios or Strada. Alternatively Wagamamas is a popular option.


Can't book tables at Wagamama's, but in case you can't recognise a group of geeks I will let the staff know who we are.

Emily Toop

I am going to try and make it, but it all depends on whether the plumber has managed to fix my boiler before 12. He's been at it for 2 hours now and still no sign of success so far. If I don't make it, have fun!


That was such fun! It was so good to meet you all!