618 Shrader St., San Francisco, CA 94117
San Francisco, California 94117

Giant Robot is proud to present Dinosaur Party, a group art show in honor of handmade toys and games, at GRSF.

Everyone loves toys, and there was a time when kids had to make their own. This special show will include objects such as handmade paper models, one-of-a-kind playing cards, mutated action-figures, tweaked stuffed animals, and a custom chess set. Each piece will have the dual purpose of reflecting creativity and imagination, and as well as triggering them.

Artists will include (but are not limited to):

Aaron Burtch
Abigail Manock
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Beth Tacular
Bwana Spoons
Calef Brown
Carleen Cotter
Connie Wong
Daria Tessler
Dave Kiersh
David Horvath
Ely Kim
Flo Zavala
Gary Baseman
Gary Garay
Jaime Zollars
Jason Hsu
Jenny Kwok
Justin B. Williams
Lana Kim
Marci Washington
Martha Rich
Martin Cendreda
Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch
Rob Bellm
Saejean Oh
Saelee Oh
Souther Salazar
Stefanie Le Jeunesse
Stephanie Hutin
Sun-Min Kim
Susie Ghahremani
Tim Le Jeunesse

A reception featuring many of the artists will be held from 6:30 - 10:00 on Saturday, November 18.

Official Website: http://www.gr-sf.com

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