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Who’s gonna take the weight? In these days and times—the last days—for a multitude of reasons, this is the question at hand. And, if ever there was any doubt, the answer is, of course, none other than Ghostface Killah. Armed with his latest heat rock of an album, "Ghostdini the Wizard of Poetry," the broad shouldered Ghost stands ready and willing to carry the Wu Tang’s burden and return rap to it’s proper course.

And who better to kick the truth to the young black youth, than Ghost, an artist more universally accepted than American Express. “I know that niggas got love for me,” he says. “Where ever I go, up north, down south, out west, niggas show me love, because they respect me as a true artist." In an industry of swagger jackers and copy cats Ghost has always stood for integrity and innovation and his unique wordplay and unparalleled taste in beats has been demonstrated on each of his solo albums, as well as his contributions to the Wu Tang Clan albums, and perhaps most notably Raekwon’s lauded classic, "Only Built For Cuban Linx." “It used to be all about originality and flipping new words,” he says. “Now you got niggas all using the same words, but I come from that Slick Rick era, that Biz Markie era when everybody had to sound different, so my sound ain’t like anybody else.”

Indeed, born and raised in Staten Island’s infamous Stapleton project, Ghost, born Dennis Coles 39 years ago, has always been a pioneer, even within his own crew. Though it’s said that when Wu Tang Clan formed like Voltron in 1992 that RZA was the head, undoubtedly Ghostface was the body. “When RZA decided to form the Wu Tang I was the one that knew everyone,” he says, “So I was the link that brought everyone together and that’s why I was an executive producer on 36 Chambers.” That album would go on to go 3 times platinum and change the face of rap music.

While hip hop stays an ever changing creative environment, over 15 years deep in the game Ghost remains one of the genre’s few immovable, revered creators. As it always has, it’s this attention to detail which will set Ghostface apart as he puts rap on his back and, true to his superhero moniker, saves the day.

Official Website: http://www.slims-sf.com/

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