Safdar Hashmi Marg, Mandi House
New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Pierrot’s Troupe Presents the 300th Show of -- Ghalib In New Delhi - (Hindi Comedy)
JANUARY 30 ( Sun.), 7 pm,
SHRI RAM CENTRE, 4, Safdar Hashmi Marg, New delhi
Script and Direction: Dr. M. SAYEED ALAM
Duration- 2 hrs.
Cast: Dr. M.sayeed Alam, Niti Sayeed, Hareesh Chhabra, Yashpal Malik, Ram N Diwakar, Himanshu Srivastava, Manohar Pandey, Ekant Kaul, Vijya Rathore, Punkaj Mutta

It is India’s longest running comedy. It is going to touch the triple century mark on Jan. 30. It is to Indian theatre what Sehwag is to Indian cricket. No guesses. It is Pierrot’s Troupe’s Ghalib In New Delhi – hugely popular and critically very highly acclaimed.

This rip-roaring comedy has the great erstwhile Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib revisiting his beloved ‘Dehli’, now ironically ‘Delhi’, in 2011 to witness and relish his posthumous fame

The entire plot revolves around Ghalib striving against an omnipotent identity crisis, beginning with the occupants of his ‘Haveli’ mistaking him as Ghalib’s ‘Jinn’. This forces him to stay with a ‘Bihari’ boy, Jai Hind, a Delhi University student, in a servant quarter. His confidence is further shattered when Jai Hind and his landlady Mrs. Chaddha recognize his worth only through the voice of Jagjit Singh, and the screen portrayal of Naseeruddin Shah. Persuaded by the duo and in desperate need of recognition, Ghalib decides to ‘sell’ himself. The consequent press conference turns out to be a damp squib with the journalists being more interested in post-conference snacks and juicy headlines. Ghalib then opts for an advertising agency to perpetuate his presence in the minds of the people. What is the fate of Ghalib? Does his rebirth spell further disaster? Is Delhi a mere travesty of his hopes and aspirations? The answer lies in watching Ghalib in New Delhi, a laugh riot posing some serious questions about the stagnating moral codes.

The Times Of India- A delightfully irreverent script

The Hindu- A refreshing expose of life around us.

The Statesman- A play marked for the unprecedented attendance.

The Asian Age- Enthralling and amusing

The Tribune - An interesting stuff of a burlesque rib tickling comedy

The Hindustan Times – A fun-filled play

The Pioneer - Splitting performances by the cast

The Indian Express - An unmitigated success

Delhi Times (TOI)- Satirical, hilarious and witty

Tickets: Rs. 500/-, Rs 300/-, Rs 200/- & Rs 100/- available a tSHRI RAM CENTRE from January 28, 2011 and on the day of the show. For details, Tele Booking, Bulk Booking Contact: 9810255291, 9810460366,, 40506826, 29944635, [email protected], AND/OR and/or call 39895050 Visit us at Visit us at

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