500 4th St
San Francisco, California 94107


The Hotel Utah open mic is the epicenter of San Francisco's singer-songwriter community. Its stage attracts performers at all stages of their careers: from seasoned veterans to first-timers. It attracts music fans who know a good thing when they see it.

The musicians who come regularly don't come just to get a little "stage time" - they come because of the community that calls Monday at The Utah home - and the musicians that come in for the first time eventually start to come regularly...

So come on down this monday, have a beer, bring your guitar if that's your thing, and sit back and enjoy.


I was born and raised just across the bay on an island called Alameda. My influences range from ABBA, Hank Williams, Dead Kennedy's, Beatles, Ani Difranco, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Weird Al, Jimi Hendrix to the Violent Femmes.

I'm currently playing in 4 projects(bands) -

>> the Todd Shipley band

>> G.G. Tanaka electric band
>> a Violent Femmes tribute band and
>> a solo act

I also host an Open Mic on Tuesday's at a bar named Mcgrath's in Alameda. http://upcoming.yahoo.com/venue/12431/

On the first Wednesday of December(12/5), I'll also be hosting an Open Mic in Berkeley at a bar/restuarant called Beckett's.

Even though I have a lot of original songs, I found myself playing hundreds over cover tunes because I had to play for hours at a time. But with the inspiration of venues like the Utah and my friends(Todd Shipley, Kevnn4, Andy Mason, Dave Gursom, D-Rel,...) I now find myself playing more of my own stuff. Thanks.

Music has always been fun and a release for me, so as long as it still is I still will.

On the 26th feature I will be playing with my newly formed band "the G.G. Tanaka Electric Band", the members include... Kevnn4 on drums and Dave(diesel, digits, G.) Gursom on bass. I hope you enjoy the show.

Official Website: http://theutah.org

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