Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
Stanford, California 94305

Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni career services in association with executive recruiting firm Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc. presents a professional development program, "Getting to the Top - CEOs at the Top" on Tuesday, October 28, 2008.

Do you aspire to become President or CEO of a company? What skills or background do you need to learn before you get there? What can you expect once in that role? Technology company CEOs with careers in starting and running multiple successful companies will share their tips and best practices for advancing to CEO within a company, including:

* What leadership or management skills helped these executives move up the career ladder?
* What disciplines are important to master for roles at the top?
* What mistakes provided the most learning to these executives?
* What advice have mentors shared that led to promotions and success in the top role?
* What practices have these executives learned for working effectively with a board of directors?

Featured Panelists:
*Farhat Ali, CEO at Fujitsu Computer Systems
*Sam Cece, CEO at Strongmail
*Penny Herscher, CEO at FirstRain
*Paul McNamara, CEO at Coghead
*Bob Wiederhold, CEO at Transitive
*Moderator: Kathy Ullrich, Executive Recruiter at Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc.

$25 for Stanford GSB and UCLA Anderson alums, $45 for others; $15 additional at the door.

Official Website:

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