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Google Analytics is deceptively easy to setup and use. But this simplicity means that many companies aren't using its full range of capabilities. For you to get the most from the World's most popular web analytics software requires a more structured approach which will be outlined in this breakfast briefing.

This workshop isn't simply a "how to" guide to the basic features of Google Analytics, instead, your tutor, Dr Dave Chaffey, will show you how to use this tool to identify weaknesses in your current online marketing activities which you can turn into opportunities to get better results.

The number of reports and measures in Google Analytics can be bewildering, making it difficult to know where to look to make improvements. To help with this, the briefing will step you through example reports to consider to help with improving all aspects of digital marketing on your site from attracting more visitors through search engine marketing; engaging visitors to converting more of these visits to leads and sales and increasing the loyalty of site visitors.

A checklist of essential aspects of Google Analytics setup including profiles and filters, conversion goals and funnel analysis will also be presented in the briefing.

You will find the whole morning contains many practical tips you can apply straightaway back at the office, so don't miss out on these.

Topics covered in this briefing include:

· Configuring Google Analytics – what you should configure, but is often forgotten

· Which are the most useful reports and measures to improve results

· How to review and improve online and offline marketing campaigns

· Improving website customer journeys and increasing conversion rates

· Using Google Analytics to optimize your SEO and PPC search engine marketing

· Using Advanced Segmentation

· Tricks and tips including bubble charts and essential add-ons

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