5883 University Blvd.
Vancouver, British Columbia

VanRuby, the Vancouver Ruby Association, is holding our next meetup at the Kitsilano UBC campus on Wednesday, July 26th from 6:30pm to 9pm.

The format for this event will be in a mini-workshop style. Lasting for about 90 minutes with 30 minutes after for networking.

Attendees are highly encouraged to bring a laptop (either Windows or OSX) with Rails 1.1.4 pre-installed along with Ruby 1.8.4. And either MySQL or PostgreSQL installed.

This mini-workshop will be on Getting Started with Rails. From generating your first app, understanding the directory structure, to using migrations, customizing the routes, creating a few database tables, using the has_many :through concept, - depending on the level of experience everyone has with Rails that comes.

Only the theory that is needed will be discussed. These VanRuby mini-workshops are going to be geared towards rapid learning. Giving you exactly what you need to get a solid foundation built, and let you confidently build on top of it.

There is tons of space, so please let your friends and colleagues know about this free event.

The room is booked @ KAIS 2020/2030. See a map to the Fred Kaiser building at: http://www.maps.ubc.ca/?313


Nathaniel Brown (http://nshb.net ) has been developing web applications for over ten years. Specializing in all forms of web and application, he continues to build web applications that fuel some of the worlds largest organizations and government agencies.

Nathaniel founded Inimit Innovations Inc. (http://inimit.com ) in 2003 which is a custom software development firm specializing in Open Source technology. In addition to providing web development solutions, he runs Open Source Events (http://osevents.com ) which most recently held the sold-out Canada on Rails (http://canadaonrails.com ) conference, being the first Ruby on Rails conference in the world.

Official Website: http://vanruby.com

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