Pacific First Center Building 851 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

Featuring: Kelly Feller
Social Media Strategist
Intel’s Social Media Center of Excellence

Supported by Widmer Brothers and WebTrends

With all the self-proclaimed social media pundits, experts and gurus out there, it’s easy to wonder if the only jobs in social media are for consultants or agencies trying to help big corporations get it. Well Kelly is living proof that some big companies do get it and are willing to put their money where their online mouths are by hiring specialists with expertise at being social online.

Join Kelly Feller for the second official Social Media Club Portland meeting where she’ll summarize various corporate social media jobs (hers included) and what they actually entail, explore ways to stand out in this increasingly crowded space, and give some hints to agencies and consultants who are helping companies make sense of the growing social media marketing trend.

After having been in traditional marketing roles for the last 15 years, Kelly Ripley Feller is now a social media addict and outspoken (read loud) proponent of change and marketing evolution. She has marketed everything from organic foods and senior housing to infrared thermometers and computer software and hardware. She’s worked with a variety of big technology companies including Intel, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Intuit, SAS Software, Symantec, and IBM and even some smaller companies and non-profits.

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