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Getting ideas to make sense.

(Not a workshop, more of a work-it-out-together)

Who we are:
Ellen de Vries (a copywriter) is concerned with helping people to find clear language to explain their brands, projects and what they do. Charlie Davies (project designer) is dedicated to good work, good strategy, good stories and developing good ideas.

What we're doing:
Together we're on a bit of a mission to compile a compendium of tricks, questions and games that can be used to clarify the point of projects; to get to the bottom of finding out how best to get someone to explain what they're doing (inside and outside the world of business).

What's going to happen:

you bring a trick a game or a question
(something you might use to improve someone else's project ideas)

everybody brings a project
(something you could do with improving)

everybody takes it in turns
(testing their tricks on people's projects, having their projects improved by other people's tricks)

This might be especially useful for:
People into branding, business strategists, marketers, project making enthusiasts, UX designers (but in no way exclusively).

It costs nothing and it can only be good for you.

Official Website: http://www.ellendevries.co.uk/blog

Added by EllendeVries on May 12, 2009