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I just now almost stepped in dog vomit. I was reving up the wordsmith juju that I do before writing (read: procrastinating) by running around the house cleaning when I spotted a tidy mound of long, green grass in warm and clear liquid under my heel. If my life had a soundtrack, then is when you'd hear a skreeeeeeeech sound and I stopped myself just before stepping in it. So close I could feel its heat.

Gross, am I right? But understandable, if you know my German Shepard/Pit mutt @littlegyrl. It's in obvious protest of this recent Portland weather. I'm sure of it. Think about it: This is August? Seriously?

The weatherman says things are about to change for us soon, though. And just by the hair of the dog, too, because this Friday is Dog Days of Summer on the patio at the Green Dragon. You may recall we tried to do a doggie get-together back in June, but the weather was even worse then. It was a bona fide downpour. And who wants to have a beer with soggy doggies?

No, @littlegyrl and I have a good feeling about this Friday. And yes, maybe we have far too much faith in the Googles, but nonetheless we hereby invite all well-mannered pets and their dogs (hee-hee) to join us on the patio of the Green Dragon from 4-6pm. @littlegyrl promises not to celebrate this event by puking up more grass. What a nice doggy!

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