8 Jian Guo Zhong Lu near Chong Qing Nan Lu
Shanghai, Shanghai

Get It Louder 2007
Special Event
Multimedia Improvisation

Frishzelle/early winds

Tix: 40RMB (student tickets 20RMB)

Based in Cologne (Germany), Frishzelle/early winds got its start in 2000 as a cross-media improvisational performance arts experiment and creative platform.

Members participating in this year's Get It Louder include the two founders and their longtime collaborating artists and musicians. Among them is the five-member group Nanoschlaf (nano sleep). Consciously integrating visual and audio elements, they employ avant-garde concepts and technology for on-the-spot creation. After continuous and simultaneous cycles and arrangements, through the allocation of physical space, they are able to melt the voices of musical instruments and electronics sounds into one audio-visual experience.

On a similar creative journey, two-member group Earweego explores the fluctuant space between audio and visual arts, as well as the possibility of electronic music emulating what is the most organic and natural. During their improvisational performances, they employ both emotional and rational progresses to generate spontaneous audio-visual landscapes.

- Matthias Muche (Trombone)
- Achim Tang (Bass)
- Philip Zoubek (Piano)
- Tobias Grewenig (Visuals)
- Sven Hahne (Laptop)
- Echo Ho (Laptop & Toys)

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