989 Market Street St. 3rd floor
San Francisco, California 94103

** Be coached by a volunteer EnviroMentor who wants you to be a Green Business **

If your business is an office, a retail operation, a hotel or a restaurant and it is located in San Francisco, you are eligible for the program. Come to the Engagement Event on April 3 and you'll learn how the Saving Green by Going Green Accelerator will support you to become recognized as a green business by the City of San Francisco. We will explain in detail how the program works as well as pair you with a volunteer EnviroMentor. In a nutshell, if you choose to participate, you will be coached by a volunteer until July 1 to support you in greening your business.

When you pass the city's inspections, you'll become a recognized green business!

** Why would you want to do this? **

Business has the opportunity to make a huge difference in the environment. Not only that, your business will:
* receive a free energy audit worth between $250 and $400
* lower its carbon footprint meaning it will help slow climate change
* learn about exciting new green products and services for your business
* meet other businesses who have a commitment to the environment

It's the perfect way to become a green business!

** When does it start? **

The San Francisco Engagement Event is April 3rd at 9am (8:30 sign in). If you sign up, the coaching starts immediately and continues until July 1. Free.

** How do you register? **

It's easy: call Andre Angelantoni today at 415.462.1626 and we'll reserve a spot for you.

** Where does it take place? **

The coaching takes place over the telephone according to a schedule you work out with your coach (generally once a week).

Call today and reserve your spot at the Engagement Event! Free!

** Who is sponsoring this? **

The fine folks at SMWM are being wonderful as this year's sponsor. The Accelerator is a program offered by InspiringGreenLeadership.com

About Inspiring Green Leadership:
Inspiring Green Leadership creates sustainability programs that are good for business and are good for the environment.

Official Website: http://www.SavingGreenByGoingGreen.com

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