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December 4th & 5th: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Exciting live course gets you accredited to use the title Certified Coach Practitioner and put the initials CCP after your name. Comprehensive program provides a solid foundation for both new & seasoned coaches to grow a business and includes one year of continuing education. The course covers Coaching and Ethics, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Step-by-step for effective coaching, Business model, Marketing.


(817) 657-5301, (866) 455-2155.

A lot of people call me just to ask what coaching is or to identify a target market. I have created a self-test of questions you can answer to see if coaching is right for you. You can opt into a monthly newsletter and join a live meet-up group to explore the prospects of coaching while you prepare to get certified.

This certification program is not for everyone. It is only two days because we cut out the basic information you have already acquired through extensive training and experience to isolate exactly what you need to know to be a great coach. We also give you training on how to market yourself. You’re already a coach to so many people; why not get paid for it? Call for a free consultation (817) 657-5301.

Sherry Prindle, Master Coach Trainer
email: [email protected]

Twitter Hashtag: #EVgetce0724

Official Website: http://www.certifiedcoachesfederation.com/summary.html

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