612 W Sixth St.
Austin, Texas 78701

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We are really looking forward to the Get Agile event this month. We went through the big GeekAustin phone book and found about 550 Austin fans of agile technology. Add the core GeekAustin folks -- and we're looking at a pretty good bash.

The co-host for this month's event is Agile Austin. These folks are doing great things -- sponsoring workshops, providing continuing education for software, project, and management professionals, as well as bringing industry leaders to town for speaking engagements. As far as I can tell, only about half of my friends are aware of them. I hope the rest of you can make it to the party and meet a few of these folks. If you'd like to learn more about agile in an informal environment, while tossing back a few drinks, this is your opportunity.

A note about the venue: There is plenty of room at Union Park. You won't be standing in line to get in. And when I say that there will be valet parking, I actually call the valet company to send extra drivers. So you want to take advantage of it, you won't have to wait to get your car parked either. The drinks at Union Park are generous and reasonably priced. For those of you who want to see how agile you are after a couple of drinks, we'll be in the BoomBoom room.

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To learn more about Agile Austin, visit the Agile Austin website.

Official Website: http://geekaustin.org

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