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Food for Thought.
When it comes to food, visitors to German Fest are known for their culinary consumption achievements. Heck, in some cases its approaching gargantuan Guiness World Record Book proportions. And when the food tastes as good as it does, who can blame them. Take a look at just some of the amounts of food consumed over the three day festival:

* 10,000 pounds of potatos used in potato pancakes
* 8,000 pounds of onions
* 10,000 pounds of potato salad
* 5,000 pounds of coleslaw
* 10,000 pounds of sauerkraut
* 5,000 chickens
* 200 pigs for Spanferkel
* 20,000 bratwurst
* 20,000 roast port sandwiches
* 9,000 dumplings
* 15,000 pieces of strudel
* 20,000 pieces of torte and pastries

OK. So how much food is that? Well, let’s do the math. The 20,000 brats that are consumed are equal to eight Empire State Buildings. By that, we mean that if you stacked each of the brats eaten at German Fest end-to-end, they would stretch out 10,000 feet, or the combined height of eight Empire State Buildings.

Or, if you would prefer a sports analogy, that same amount of bratwurst is equal to the length of approximately 28 football fields.

Obviously. a lot of people think that eating at German Fest can be tons of fun – literally. Take the potato pancakes for example, German Fest attendees consume five tons of the delectable delights.But that’s not all, they also devour four tons of onions, five tons of potato salad and five tons of sauerkraut.

Finally, the 35,000 pieces of strudel, torte, and pastries consumed at German Fest are enough to serve to just about every person living in the cities of Beloit, Wausau or Manitowoc.

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