1960 Jackson Street
San Francisco, California

Prior Years Partygoers Comments:
The reception at the German Consulate is a perenial favorite of your RSA Parties reporters. We like the salmon canapés. The beer/wine selections are not quite what they used to be a few years ago, but the food in 2009 was good. We cross our fingers that the salmon canapés will be back this year.

And, yes, there *will* be a pianist this year playing light classical music while you sip on your wine, snack on the canapés, and mingle with the dignitaries.

Tall German guys in Hugo Boss suits. The German Consul General and some of his staff. Boothwear will make you stand out like a sore thumb.

Historic Pacific Heights 3-winged mansion. Formal ballroom with Bechstein grand piano. Wood panneled walls. Panorama window overlooking the Golden Gate. Need we say more?

Get your invitation at the German Pavilion, Expo Booth 1448

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Added by RSA Parties on February 24, 2010


Marc Stevens

Reflections from 2009: It is important to have an invite for this party, or have someone with you who can talk your way past security. This is a pretty low-key party but it is pretty cool to say you were at the German Consulate. The beer of course was great. Beware - the Consulate is well outside any commercial zone so while getting there by cab is easy, getting back is something completely different. The only way to get a cab back will be to call one or hope that someone is arriving by cab when you want to leave.