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Georgie James (ex Q and Not U), Travis Morrison Hellfighters (Dismemberment Plan), Aqueduct

Georgie James
When Q And Not U disbanded in 2005, drummer John Davis turned to his singer-songwriter friend, Laura Burhenn, to forge something new. At first the two seemed like an unlikely pair. John had spent the past seven years releasing records with his bandmates on Dischord and touring the world. Laura, on the other hand, had been releasing solo projects on her own label, Laboratory Records, and playing smaller venues on the east coast and in L.A. How could they find common ground? When the two met to discuss the possibility of playing together, they talked about all the music they first fell in love with. Turns out there was a lot of overlap. Taking those inspirations and an open mind into a practice space in NE Washington D.C., the duo went to work. John went back and forth between drums and acoustic and electric guitar; Laura worked at the Fender Rhodes. Six hours and some new songs later, they were certain: not only could this work, it would -- and even better than either of them had anticipated.

Travis Morrison Hellfighters
The initial lineup was Kristen Forbes, Saadat Awan, David Brown, Brandon Kalber, and myself [Travis Morrison]. We had our first practice in September of 2004 and then played our first show four days later. We tried this crazy thing where it was three synths, percussion, and drums. It was exciting, but none of us could play keyboards very well, so it was kind of hard after a while. Kristen left after a few months, we introduced guitar and bass to the mix, and went on as a four piece.

Combining the breadth of the FM dial ( i.e. Brian Wilson vocal melodies, the flute solo from California Dreamin', Chicago horns, the magic of ELO, NWA beats, and Heart guitars) with new ideas and a progressive production ethos, [Aqueduct] has crafted a treasure chest of an album, where sturdy rock songs wrap around shimmering, beautiful arrangements like a trusty old blanket. It's familiar and warm. It's big and cozy. It's a lot to listen to. This isn't a concept record, but there's an undercurrent throughout to which we can all relate.

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