Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street
London, WC2E 7HA, England

After the incredily successful Minibar/Geomob meetup last time (300+ people) we are going for a cosier meetup with just 70 seats. As usual, we have three short presentations, plenty of social time and its all free.

Date: 30th June


Ubiquitous Geocontext - Steve Coast of OpenStreetMap fame

"Ever present location awareness (GeoContext) is nearly with us, but it's going to be so much deeper. Today your phone will dial down the ringtone if it knows you're at work, but what will tomorrows high-fidelity ubiquitous location bring us? Today we cannot imagine a text box without spell check or apps without online features, what will we expect from tomorrows location aware - dependent - cloud?"

Official Website: http://gmdlondon.ning.com/events/geomob-june

Added by Kim Partridge on April 19, 2010


Harry Wood

This event isn't going to happen.

In fact the agenda description matches the June geomob event from back in 2009. So maybe it was put on annual repeat or something. In any case the event should be deleted.

The main page to watch is probably this ning page of upcoming events. ...which is currently showing no upcoming #geomob events. As Gary Gale blogged geomob is in a coma