197 East 17th Avenue (@ Main Street)
Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 1

Thursday, October 4- 8:00-11:00pm $5-10 dollars.

Blim and Lee Hutzulak present

Genevieve Castree (aka Woelv) and guests (music event)

Blim and Leisure Thief are thrilled to present an intimate evening of solo performances, featuring from Anacortes, Washington: GENEVIÈVE CASTRÉE, aka WOELV. And extending a little warm hospitality, please enjoy the beguiling charm and dulcet tones of local boys KEVIN HOUSE and LEE HUTZULAK.

Geneviève Castrée
"Geneviève Castrée is a Montrealer who left home and moved to the West
Coast when she was seventeen. She was an illustrator for a long time and
started to play music seriously a few years ago. She records and plays
live concerts under the names "WOELV" and "Ô Paon". Her music is simple
and the lyrics are stubbornly sung in her native French in a weird way.
Although that can be confusing, the general feeling, the highs and lows,
seem to cross the language barrier. Her next record "Tout Seul dans la
Forêt en Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur?" is scheduled to come out on
Olympia's K records in December 2007."
http:// www.opaon.ca

Kevin House
Like miniature one act plays set to music…songs like little landscape paintings , …harmony and dissonance…clouds and stones… inhabited once again by disappearing people, Strange journeys down twilight rivers ,These songs are never grand statements ( the world has enough of those) but small victories documenting life's fragilities, joys, and sorrows. A makeout album for weirdos? Yes, in the best possible way. Chanson symphonies for late night consumption… Headphone lullabies for apparitions and departure heroes…

Lee Hutzulak
Performing from 1991–2001 as leader of Dixie's Death Pool , Lee Hutzulak produced miniature studio epics, characterized by a startling variety of atmospheres, evocative vocals, melodies, and quirky pop hooks. Moving from Victoria to Vancouver in 2000 was the beginning of the end for DDP, and after the release of Soon in 2001 the live ensemble pretty much ceased to exist. Work in the studio continued though: numerous sessions with DDP regulars and a few special guests were crushed, sifted, stirred together and over the course of a couple years crystallized in what The Wire called "a thing of delicate atmospheric beauty" — Princess Builder.

Lee's music has always struck a balance between song and sound, combining electro-acoustic ambience, musique concrète, and improvisation. This process generates an ever expanding library of sounds, focusing on texture, tone and space — essential materials of future recordings and mixer based performance. On the flip, a desire to keep it immediate, and perhaps as a reaction to increasingly complex set ups, Hutzulak continues to explore, both as a soloist, and in small improvising ensembles, the acoustic guitar, a few choice effect boxes and all manner of extended technique.

Official Website: http://www.blim.ca

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