6-9 Carlton House Terrace
London, England

This meeting is being organised in collaboration with the Genetic Society.

Organised by
Professor Michael Bonsall (University of Oxford) and Professor Brian Charlesworth FRS (University of Edinburgh)

In Darwin's day, a lack of understanding of inheritance meant that the theory of evolution was incomplete. This crucial gap has been filled by over a century of research in genetics. This meeting shows how genetics contributes to our knowledge of the mechanisms of evolutionary change across a wide range of biological systems, from viruses to humans.

Current Speakers and Chairs include:
Spencer C.H Barrett, Nick Barton, Dan Bradley, Anthony Brown, Tracey Chapman, Jerry Coyne,
Laurent Duret, Steven Frank, Hopi Hoekstra, Ben Kerr, Josephine Pemberton, Anna Di Rienzo, Dolph Schluter, Paul Sharp, Naoyuki Takahata, Holly Wichman, John Willis

Mendel Lecture
This meeting is going to be followed on Friday 13 November by the Genetic Society Mendel Lecture which this year is being given by Professor Wen-Hsiung Li.

This meeting is free to attend, but pre-registration online is essential. The online registration form and programme information can be found at royalsociety.org/events.

Official Website: http://royalsociety.org/event.asp?id=7518&month=11,2009

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