70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

A trip through the 20th century and beyond with scorching live music, silent film, blazing burlesque, hot dance and performance art to make you swoon.

Gemini & Scorpio, http://www.geminiandscorpio.com,

Party Gals Around Town ("Village Voice Best of 2006")


Our 5th annual Valentine's Day Party: "Get Off...Line V: Roaring 20th"

Thur, Feb 14, Valentine's Day

Full club event at Galapagos Art Space, 70 N 6th St, Williamsburg, BK

Doors 7:30pm for free dance class; toast & performances at 8:30pm; 21+

Bootleggers and speakeasies...wild dancers and smart mouths...art that sizzles and music that roars... With over a dozen performers giving you the best of the last 100 years and what you haven't yet imagined, and two rooms of dancing through the night with amazing DJs dropping beats from the whole century. Plus: human statues, fire performers, hoopers, oh my. Dust off your sequins: costume theme is "vintage glamour."


Free Charleston/Lindy dance class before the event!

Free champagne toast to kick off the night!*

Silent films with live score! (Sxip Shirey)

Live authentic 1920s hot jazz orchestra! (Michael Arenella & his Dreamland Orchestra)

Dreamy standards! (Nat & Kat Duo)

Glorious burlesque! (Molly Crabapple & Veronica Varlow)

Cowboy lasso! (AJ Silver)

Mini-variety show inside the variety show! (The Gong Show)

Dazzling dance numbers! (Angela Harriell's Love Show Dancers)

Live electro-karaoke laptop mayhem! (Project Jenny, Project Jan)

Future space music with beatboxing, theremin & bike wheel! (Adam Matta)

Time-travel DJs spanning a century with their beats! (Dhundee, Vintage DJ, Zemi17, Moldover)

More artists are being added daily; please check http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html for most current lineup and performer details.

Delicious extras:

*Nuovo (http://www.sparklingnuovo.com), a sparkling fruit-infused vodka (think Cosmo with bubbles), sponsors our 5th anniversary celebratory toast. Nuovo will also be our Valentine's drink special, only $5 all night. The other special--it being a schoolnight and all--is a new hangover-prevention beverage called Mercy (http://www.drinkmercy.com), which is loaded with the nutrients you need to feel better after a night of drinking. There will be giveaways throughout the night, and the bar will have it stocked at only $2!

Details: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html

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