100 S West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Cost for one day: $10
Cost for all three days: $25
Cost for entrance with LAN Party: $50

Register at http://www.geexshow.com/index.php

Gaming has become the leading industry by which consumers of all ages recreate, compete and socialize on every level and with every game. Electronics have increasingly become a more integral part of our lives. We all use cell phones, personal computers, mp3 players, etc on a daily basis.

The purpose of GEEX is to bring the best of these two worlds together in the ultimate convention for gamers and electronics geeks alike. GEEX will feature a large exhibitor space where exhibitors can display their latest and greatest gaming and electronic devices, software, gadgets, and mods. The expo will be the place for sponsors and exhibitors to reach out and let players and attendees use the latest tools of the trade and take a glimpse into the future of technology. In addition, keynote speakers and breakout sessions will be held for anyone interested in hearing from developers, instructors and industry leaders in the business.

Official Website: http://www.geexshow.com/index.php

Added by LauraMoncur on June 30, 2008



The cost of the lan party reportedly will be $40, not $50. MediaOne opted to not increase the price, guess they haven't updated the website yet.

Update: $40 registration through July 12.