33-45 Parr Street
Liverpool, England L1 4JN

Two short talks this month:

Hakim Cassimally
People like to claim Perl is line noise, with its sigils and regular expressions. But a lot of the features that make it possible to write, yes, truly awful, unreadable Perl, also let you write clean, maintainable code too.

* those $%&* sigils!
* There's More Than One Way To Do It
* strings and data structures
* map, grep, first class functions
* metaprogramming and the CPAN
* modern Object Oriented programming with Moose

And a talk from Martin Owen on Erlang, details to follow

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Added by tshannon on May 16, 2008



Apologies for not getting any details of the Erlang talk but I only put it together today! If we're only starting at 7:30 it might be better to just let Hakim talk, otherwise there'll be no time for general chat!

Anyway the title is "Why Functional Programming? - An Attempt to Justify Erlang's Existence." Following on from Chris Alcock's F# talk at the .NET group the other day I'll try to get across how a functional programming language like Erlang can help write concurrent programs, and why concurrency is becoming so important.


I've posted the slides for the Perl talk to


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