97 Piccadilly
Manchester, England M12DB

Official Website: http://geekup.org/

Added by Andrew Disley on May 25, 2006



Not sure if I'll be able to make this one. I'm in London/Cambridge that day and I'm not quite sure what time I'll be headed back just yet.

Best to assume I won't be there.


It's Charlie's birthday so I won't be able to attend this one.


It is my leaving do for my old company tomorrow and while I would love to come to this, it is pretty much expected that you attend your own leaving do :)

Next time for sure...



Sorry guys - got a calendar clash. Me and Deb agreed to finish putting the greenhouse up this week :( We could make it next week though !

As Dave says - we'll definitely be there for the next one.


I may yet be able to make this - albeit it getting there at around 9-9:30. I'll pop in straight from Piccadilly if I arrive in time and see if you're still there.


should be there around 7pm... trains permitting (they're always late!).