St. Johns House, Merrion St
Leeds, England LS2 8JE

This Month
GeekUp Leeds celebrates it's first birthday! Apart from there being lots of cake (hint), we will be following the regular format with a selection of 20:20's:

* Colin May on "Scaling your site - things to consider now and in the future that'll make your life a lot easier when your site takes off"
* Tim Waters on "Alternate Reality Games". Sign up for some extracurricular Labyrinth Training here

There's still space for one more 20:20 if anyone feels the need.

The 20:20 style format is outlined on the GeekUp wiki, but it’s essentially 20 slides, with 20 seconds per slide.

What is GeekUp?
GeekUp is a community of web designers, web developers, and other tech-minded folk from the North. Our socials take place once a month in Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Preston and Manchester and are always a lively place to share ideas and spread a little knowledge.

Who can attend GeekUp?
While the focus for GeekUp is predominately web related anybody involved in the technology industry is more than welcome to attend a GeekUp. The monthly events are free, we just ask that you buy your own beer.

Official Website:

Added by urbanwide on May 20, 2008



I'll try to have a cake ready for the event.
It won't be the semantic web layer cake, though.


Blimey, looks like it would take weeks to make one of those: :)

I will be flexing my cake making muscles too - should be interesting!

Tim Waters

As part of my talk, either before or after, I am planning on running a Lost Sport training event.

"The ancient Greeks banned it, but we’re playing it anyway!"

how to play it:

in depth info about the surrounding mystery:

Please sign up here so we know numbers:


Mmmm, cake.


Damn, gonna miss this one. Enjoy beer, all!


I'm planning on participating in the cakeUp / Cake-off :)


I won't be there till about 8.30, so save me some cake. Please.


talking of cake have you seen the site