St. Johns House, Merrion St
Leeds, England LS2 8JE

This Month
We have two 20:20 lightning talks lined up:

* Linda Broughton on 'Coworking at Old Broadcasting House' - the talk will introduce the community at Old Broadcasting House and look at how people are using the space six months after the opening, feedback from members and from the coworking slot at the Going Solo conference in Lausanne.
* Jeff R. Allen on 'Entuura, an embedded Linux device targeted at the edge of the network in the developing world'. Jeff is visiting from Portland, USA and is looking to move to Leeds in the near future, am sure we all have lots of insider local info we can share with him!

There's just about time for an ad-hoc 20:20 if anyone feels the need!

What is GeekUp?
GeekUp is a community of web designers, web developers, and other tech-minded folk from the North. Our socials take place once a month in Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Preston and Manchester and are always a lively place to share ideas and spread a little knowledge.

Who can attend GeekUp?
While the focus for GeekUp is predominately web related anybody involved in the technology industry is more than welcome to attend a GeekUp. The monthly events are free, we just ask that you buy your own beer.

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Added by urbanwide on March 29, 2008



I'd like to give a 20:20 about Entuura,, an embedded Linux device targeted at the edge of the network in the developing world.

Jeff R. Allen, [email protected]


Hey Jeff- you should namecheck the work you did with Aaron in New Orleans and Katrina too!

BTW, we're thinking about a physical computing workshop, so be good to get you involved in how we could organise and structure that.


I hope to come along this evening. Will try not to attract any loons in this time :) xx