50 Great Bridgewater Street
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We've had to make a last minute venue change as Rain Bar is closed for refurbishment - new venue is 50-100 yards down the road.

This months Discussion Topic: "The Future of the Internet"
* How do you see people using the internet in 5/10 years time?
* What features do you want to see browsers supporting?
* Will people still be using browsers? If not, what will they be using?
* Does anyone actually use 3G video chat? Will VoIP mainstream follow too?
* Will Google always be the number one search engine?
* Will Google be even bigger? Perhaps it might run our lives ...
* Will IPv6 actually be adopted by the masses?
* Anyone up for a 3G wireless dongle biometric implant to hook your memory up to the net?!
* Semantic Web - is it the future? what does it mean?

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Added by Andrew Disley on January 27, 2008


Jonty Bale

Any serious ideas for a discussion topic yet?


Those attedning GeekUp may be interested in

Early days yet - no dates - currently in development.

Andrew Disley

@Jonty Bale: we picked the "The Future of the Internet" suggestion.