107 Water Lane
Leeds, England LS11 5WD

What is GeekUp?
GeekUp is a community of web designers, web developers, and other tech-minded folk from the North West. Our socials take place once a month in Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester and are always a lively place to share ideas and spread a little knowledge.

Who can attend GeekUp?
While the focus for GeekUp is predominately web related anybody involved in the technology industry is more than welcome to attend a GeekUp. The monthly events are free, we just ask that you buy your own beer.

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Added by Andrew Disley on June 5, 2007



Sounds good. I'd been talking to some Leeds guys already about trying to put together a monthly social event, this sounds pretty close to what we had in mind so I'll try and get some people down to it.


Oh, just realised I can't make this one as I'll be at Glastonbury, hopefully there will be one in July.

Dan Hardiker

Can this be renamed to GeekUp Leeds? As there are multiple locations it would be useful to differentiate between Manc/Leeds/Liverpool from a iCal feed.


Been hoping to organise something like this myself - excellent news that someone has taken all the pain out of it for me!

See you guys there.


Cool, I'll be there.

Andrew Disley

@Dan Hardiker: the iCal feed has a location

I'm not fond of the idea of repeating the Location when it's dictated by Metro and in the Venue.


@russelljsmith: Shame you can't make this one - they'll be a Leeds GeekUp every 3rd Wednesday of the month all being well, so hopefully see you at the next one!


Great venue! Thanks for organising, count me in.


Can't wait; I'll be the only non-geek. Better get watching those Star Wars films, and practice my dungeons & dragons moves.


I'm hoping to attend. Good to see stuff like this in Leeds - the lawyers & accountants get too many networking events, which bore me stupid.


I'll pop along to see what's happening locally - yesterday's first OpenCoffee Leeds went really well- http://imran.ali.name/blog/2007/06/opencoffee_leed.html

Rik Wade

If I didn't live 12,000 miles away, I'd be there too... Good to see this taking place in Leeds.


Ooooh dear, looks like I'm on site with a client on Wednesday - what time will the geekup be going on until? I have to drive back from Wrexham at 6pm and it'll take me 1.5/2hours :-(


@imran.ali: well done on OpenCoffee! See you at GeekUp, looking forward to meeting you.

Hi Rik!! Hope all is going well in NZ! I can see it already... GeekUp Wellington! :)

David: I suspect things will carry on until quite late so you should be able to catch some of it if you get back by 8!


Hello all, I will be coming along and look forwards to meeting some of you.


Good to see something going on in Leeds. Il try and make it to this


Hey we're up to 31 people now...
I've been to the Cross Keys and wasn't aware that it could actually accommodate this many people :S


@Squigfried: the room upstairs is reserved for geekup! It's pretty big too.


im interested in attending! tho ill be late as i dont get back up north (from leeds i live in halifax) until around 6.30 so save me a beer or 2


Hi everyone I'm Miles - I'm working at DLA Piper in Leeds on support portals for knowledge transfer and reporting services sites for systems management information.
Ill be at the Leeds event Wedsnesday night.

Dominic Hodgson

I'm there baby!, hopefully will have launched my blog by then


Looks like this is going to be busy.


I'm going to bring a group down, but if it's sunny I may actually shun "geek" credentials and hang out in the beer garden.

Tim Waters

hello, i can come too, see you all there! (i'll be pimping openstreetmap)

wubamboo - high chief of happist

I will only go if Imran is going, otherwise I'll wait for the next open coffee thing

Eye Tracker

Yeah - Client has postponed tomorrow's eye tracking studies in Amsterdam... I can now make the first gathering. That'd be another fabulous night of chocolate stout at the Cross Keys then.


I'll be there :)


Doesnt look like i can make it now :-(


Hi Everyone! I'm Neil, a complete 'n00b' when it comes to meetups, but I'm keen to get stuck in! Do you guys bring laptops, or is it just freestyle, whatever goes?

It looks like I won't be able to make it there till around 7 or so, will everyone still be there?!


I went to the manchester one last week and people were still there after about 4 hours. I took a laptop too because of the free wifi.