6200 Highway 290 West
Austin, Texas 78660

For the nerds at SxSWi: After registration and the first panels, but before going out in the evening, why not relieve some stress 9mm at a time? Red's has 40 rental guns. $8 rents you a gun, $13 gets you an hour on the range, and with ammunition you're in and out for $30.

For obvious reasons, this is a sober event!

Thanks to Meri Williams for hosting the last one. If anyone was at last year's geeks with guns, please get in touch -- jacksonwest at gmail

Update: Looks like there's lots of interest. I have closed the official guest list at 16. The earlier you show up, the more likely you'll get a chance to shoot. I plan to arrive well ahead of seven. Don't even bother showing up after eight unless you just want to say hello.

Added by jacksonwest on February 19, 2007



This is both horrible and brilliant. I'm riveted.


Oh, you gotta come, Ernie.


What better way to relax than popping a coupla caps off? I'm all up in it.


Every time I turn around, Jackson resembles Hunter S. Thompson more strongly.


This sounds wrong and probably need to make sure I'm there.


I'm like the Nerf version of HST -- fun, but with less eye-poking or lamp-breaking potential.


There's bus transport, or you can rent a bike. Cast your wings upon the free market, is the Texas answer.


Oh yes, glad someone got this organised again :)

Anyone wanna reminder of last year's?



Can anyone who has been before or is an Austinite explain how to get there by bus?



I am sure we could arrange some carpooling. :)

And, yes, MJ, I will not be chickening out this year!


that would be excellent mz. i haven't shot in a couple of years! i am so excited. i will give you my number/whereabouts if you email me at jennybento at gmail.


Everyone, be warned that you'll need to show up -no later than seven- if you want to shoot. I just talked to the dude at the range, and he said the earlier the better. I'll try to get there around six.