Martello St, London Fields, Hackney
London, England E8

A placeholder for the third geeks on bike ride. Route tbc, suggestions would be good!

Only requirement is that it's somewhere in London and that it ends in a pub!

Added by n0seblunt on January 1, 2010



Yay, lets see if we can make this a regular once a month from now on...



My suggestion: slightly less East? I'm a westie. Don't mind starting East unless we just get more eastier. Then again miles are good.

What type of ride is it? Pottering around the city, or eating up the miles somewhere further afield?


@afternoon, I'm up for your more west comment (there's better riding out there on the whole) but us Easties will have to get the train round.

The type of ride we've done so far is a potter really. Inner city is tricky because people get split up at the lights, so we try to head out into the quieter roads as quickly as possible. How about v4 is a West London edition? North Downs perhaps or even Hogs Hill? I know the area reasonably well so put a route together and propose a date for v4.

If you want more of a training ride (for those of us with gears) then I'd be up for it and I'm sure a few others would.


So what's the plan for this? Debating whether there is going to be too many hills... :P


I'm thinking we head up the canals up to pub in Waltham Abbey, would all be along the marshes... quite tow pathy. but should be a bit of country side. And defo flat!

This would be the route


Alas, I won't be able to make the ride on Saturday after all. More pressing stuff to be hassled by :-(.

Have a great ride. Hope to see you next time!


That sounds relevant to my interests.