1281 cambridge st
cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

meetup / tweetup / geek dinner / etc. Come hang out with thinkjose and other boston social mavericks. Come on down and hang out for what will surely be a fun night.

Follow @thinkjose on twitter for more details closer to the event.

Official Website: http://geeknorth.com

Added by bradeshbach on June 13, 2008



Looking forward to it! See you all there. Bring your friends and cameras.


See you all there!


See you all there :) (@geechee_girl)


FYI - Apparently Bukowski treats credit cards like Chuck Norris treats bad guys. Moral of the story: Bring cash!


The tweetup is between 2 other things I have going on that night (temporally and geographically), so hopefully I'll be able to stick around for at least a little while!


Client emergency has cropped up. If I can get it fixed in time, I'm still there. If not, next time, definitely, because I'm excited to meet everyone I haven't met yet. :)


Might have to make this a maybe, as there are fireworks across the street from me tonight... and if there's anything I love, it's fireworks! I am a maybe...