45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

Are you stuck to your desk? Stiff shoulders, sore wrists etc? You need Geek Yoga, the yoga specially created for you! One hour at Monday lunch time will start your week fabulously! You'll feel stretched out like a new human..
Open to all regardless of ability, beginners welcomed.
For more info call me on 07986 850029.

Official Website: http://yogabrighton.net

Added by assuntina on January 6, 2008



Any chance of doing an early evening one sometime - it sounds great


I'm interested but am committed to a class at the uni at that time. Please add me to any lists you have:
[email protected]

Jon MediaStarz.co.uk Clarke

Added your listing to http://www.MediaStarz.co.uk, we have some Brighton digital members. All the best.