13 Brunswick Square
Hove, England BN3 1EH

Learn about wine in the company of geeks.

'Tickets' cost £10

There is limited space so if you're down as Attending but aren't going to come, then change yourself to 'Watching' so that other people can come.

If you want to be on the reserve list add a comment below.

If you've got ideas for the theme of this tasting, leave a comment (either on my blog or below).

Official Website: http://yandleblog.com/2007/06/themes-for-second-geek-wine-thing.html

Added by danny.hope on June 11, 2007



How about a favorite tippel gathering - where people bring a bottle of their best to see what others think of it?


That's a good idea, but perhaps we could do this when we don't have a wine expert there?

Luckily, I have a wine in mind...


Yet again I am going to miss this due to the Agile night clashing.


Just found out I am supposed to be at my girlfriend's exhibition just before this, so since I'll probably be late, someone else can go.


Would love to but I'm on the panel at Flash Brighton.


My guest = Josh R.


I can't remember if everybody payed their tenner, if you didn't can you let me know please? Cheers.


Sign-up to the Geek Wine Thing network at http://geekwinething.ning.com/


I'm going to a wine thing this coming Sunday up in London, which will make 2 lots of wine in a few days.... I feel cultured!