13 Brunswick Square
Hove, England BN3 1EH

As a St. Patrick’s day treat, whiskey blogger Kami Newton will lead an evening of spirit-based fun as we learn about the finer points of Irish Whiskey.

We will be tasting whiskeys from one or two other regions too, for the purpose of comparison.

Kami's blog: http://www.maltncopper.com/

Added by danny.hope on February 25, 2009



Aww, I wanted to go to this - it's a shame it clashes with SxSW. :-(


Yeah, sorry about that. I've got too many events to avoid clashes.

I'm sorry not to be going to SxSW too :(


Sounds dangerous :)


Buckets will be provided for those wishing to avoid intoxication.

Sophie D-P

As a regular attendee at Kami's whisky events, I thoroughly recommend this!


Single malt rocks - will have to monitor Danny carefully ;)